Mrs. L. Kubiak (Franke )  ~  Head of School

Owner of KMS & Head Teacher in Montessori Preschool classroom:  Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Pittsburgh (1997), Master of Science in Leadership & Learning from Carlow University (2004).

AMS Certified -- Montessori (3 - 6) credentials earned from CMEC (Columbus, Ohio, 2009).

Member of American Montessori Society. Instructor and owner of Hug Therapy Educational Programs for children and families, owner of Keystone Montessori, LLC, Parent Educator, Presenter at PA State Title I Parent Advisory Conference 2001, 2002, 2003 "Hug Therapy"; 2008 “Celebrate the Family”;  2009 "Reading, Writing and Math in the Home"; 2010, 2011 & 2012 "Adolescent Girls". 

Former: University professor of Child Development, University professor of Montessori Curriculum and Philosophy, Heads Up! Reading Literacy Facilitator, Head Start Preschool Teacher (Greensburg), Head Start Administrator and Advisor (A.I.U.), T.S.S. Therapeutic Staff Support (Greensburg).

Featured in the fall 2008 edition of In Murrysville Magazine describing her dream and passion for a opening a Montessori based program in Murrysville, lifelong resident of Murrysville, graduate of Franklin Regional School District in Murrysville, Member of First United Methodist Church and Mother of two wonderful children.